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The Tour of Murder House is a dice rolling game where you play as ghosts trying to scare to death as many tourists as you can before your home becomes a tourism hotspot!

The game was developed by the team at the #SpookJam2018, hosted by Abertay Game Development Society.  The game was designed, tested and produced  in 48 hours.

What is the game?

The Tour of Murder House is a cooperative dice game for up to 4 players (theoretically it could scale to more, we just haven't tested it). You play as the Murder House, trying to scare to death Tourists who are exploring your hallowed hallways. You play against the game, and you have to scare to death 5 tourists before 5 are saved and turn your home into a haunted hotspot!

You must roll the dice to try and play Spook cards from your hand. Each tourist has a type of Spook they are weak and resistant to, so you have to try and play the right spooks to send them off for good! Beware though, as rolling Empowerment symbols will raise the track and save your most terrified tourists from the clutches of death!

Why we asking for a donation?

Making your own board game is a fun and rewarding experience, but it also costs money for the supplies such as dice, card, printing, paints, meeples and all sorts of stuff. We want to keep jamming and creating good-looking game prototypes, but we need to buy these supplies to do so. The donation is just a small way of us hoping you'll help us create our next game. If we get enough in our pocket, we may even have a celebratory take-out or pay for a professional print of our game! We'd also love the opportunity to try slightly more expensive things, like 3D printing. Also, part of your donation will go to Itch.io to support it as the wonderful content-sharing site it is!

What am I getting?

You're getting a series of Print-and-Play files for the game, including cards, custom dice stickers, rulebook and even art for a box cover and insert.  (see the "Full file description" below for more information).

Not all the cards have art as the game was developed in 48 hours. The Haunt deck and tourist deck both have art, and all cards have backs and basic designs. The rulebook is also fully designed.

Will I need anything else?

As well as the files, you will need the following to get the most out of the game:

- Card to print on (10 sheets of A4)

- A4 full page sticker (1 sheet)

- 16mm Dice (blank or numbered - your choice, a total of 11)

- A token of some kind for the track (we used 2 magnets so that the token stuck to the track)

- (Optional) A box and A3 paper for the box covering.

Full File Description:

  • Cards.pdf [the cards for the game, tourists, haunts and spooks. All have a design for front and back, but the spooks do not have pixel artwork]

  • Rules.pdf [a full-colour rulebook ready to be printed and assembled like a booklet with no special printing]

  • Dice.pdf [the custom sides for the dice, which will need to be printed on sticker paper and stuck to your dice]

  • Empowerment_Track.pdf [the empowerment track and box insert for the game]

  • BoxArt.pdf [the front and back box arts for the game, should you chose to make a box for it]

  • Instructions_README.pdf [another copy of the instructions, and a little hello from us]


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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